The causes of nail fungus infection are numerous, and a combination of the most common causes usually leads to infected nails, whether that is toenails or fingernails that have the fungal infection.Nails with damage to the nail plate and the seal at either end of the nail are most at risk from fungal nail infection. Also, a common skin infection known as athletes foot, usually present between the toes, then invades the nail and causes the fungus problem.

Foot fungus thrive upon the conditions in the shoe and 30% of people complaining of fungal toenail infection also suffer from athletes foot infection.

The hot sweaty environment found in the shoe are ideal for the fungi to grow and to spread on the toenails. Fungal infections are caused primarily by dermatophytes, candida and various yeasts and moulds found in these conditions.

Serious medical conditions such as poor circulation and diabetes can lead to worsening conditions and occasionally a secondary bacterial infection. Use of common towels, walking barefoot on contaminated surfaces and the use of non-sterile equipment for toenail cutting and filing can cause the nail fungus infection.


Common Factors That Increase The Risk Of Fungal Nail Infection:

  • Nail Damage
  • Poor General Health
  • Smoking
  • Regular use of shared washing or changing facilities
  • Trauma to the nail, from poorly fitting shoes or a sports / running injury


It has been estimated that nearly 10% of the population suffer from either toenail or finger nail fungus infection and over half of those over 70 are affected. The nail fungus can be treated with specialist lasers that help cure the infection completely, in approximately 20-40 minutes depending on condition of the infection, without oral or systemic drugs, painkillers or anaesthesia required.

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